Saturday, April 15, 2017


Every year it happens in mid March at my little school....Kindergarten Orientation. It's an evening that the upcoming Kindergarten parents are invited to. Parents receive a packet of endless forms and information, listen to details about registration, the district, and Kindergarten. Every year is pretty much the same. It's always exciting to see new faces and makes my heart happy to see families that are returning. I adore my school and our program. I absolutely love teaching Kindergarten. Every year is pretty much the same, except this year wasn't. When our principal asked the parents to raise their hand if this was their first Kindergartner, my hand slowly raised and the reality hit me like a truck.

Next year, my little guy will be a Kindergartner., where has the time gone?

I look at Cooper and think "Wow, he's a pretty cool kid." I also find myself thinking, "Wow, he is more work than I ever could have imagined." He can be the sweetest little boy. He is very funny and sarcastic {I have no clue where he gets that from}. He's outgoing, can be charming, is smart, and sensitive. He also has a temper. He may be destined to be a lawyer, as he argues about most things. I'm often in wonder of his awesomeness.

I find myself being extremely hard on myself. I can't spend money on him, I work, a.lot.a.lot.a.lot. I've made mistakes, a lot of them.

I have been doing this...single parenting, since before he was one. I've worked full time, I've worked part time after teaching all day and on the weekends, as well as, during the summer. I've created things to sell online. I've provided for him financially with very little to no support. I care for him 90% of the time. I take care of his medical needs, his schooling, and his daily needs by myself. I barely scrape by most of the time, not just financially but in terms of myself. CFS kicks my ass virtually every day. More times than not, I go without for him. He is my everything. I'm not looking for applause because I know there are hundreds/thousands of people who are doing the same and probably better. But, I thought that maybe if I wrote it, I would believe it to be true. I am rocking this. Look at the awesomeness that I am raising alone.

I'm pretty lucky....but, I is he.