Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Hoppenings

Spring is here or at least it is according to the calendar, right. Things here in the South Subs of Chicago during the early to mid part of Spring is....well, not the prettiest time of year. When you see pictures and books of Spring, you get this idyllic version of grass, small buds on the trees, light jackets, breezy, sunny days for flying kites, and baby birds chirping. Now let me describe what is actually happening; the grass is far from green and is pretty much sopping wet, the trees are bare until May-ish, one day it is 65, but it is cloudy or rainy and super windy, the next is 35 with blinding sun. Last year on the first day of Spring, my husband took me to Hot Dougs. A somewhat famous hot dog place. We waited in line outside for over an was snowing. The day before was warm and beautiful. Spring in Chicago.

Well, the way I present Spring in my classroom is the idyllic version, no point in making my classroom all brown, wet, and cold. :) I shall attempt to be optimistic...Spring will make an appearance sometime in mid April.

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Books We Love
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The Literacy Goods
Beginning Vowel Sounds Sort

Spring Sight Word Find

Rainy Day Sight Word Scramble Cards

Rainy Sight Word

Rainy Day Beginning Blend Match

I Have, Who Has Spring Sight Word Edition

The Crazy Carrots game came from I changed it by making it a C-V-C game instead of letters/sounds.
Crazy Carrots CVC Game

The Math Goods
The Jelly Bean Adding worksheet...if you noticed the first one isn't adding. I have a few students who just aren't ready for adding yet, and I really need to work on developing activities that give them that sense of accomplishment. If you scroll further will see the adding ones with a few different levels.
Jelly Bean Adding and Color Code

These cards can be used to just match the number to the tally, a memory game, or my Hoppers favorite...Go Fish.
Umbrella Number to Tally Match

Rainy Day Subtraction

I buy these cute Bunny Mallows in the Spring. We sort and graph them. I give students a Ziploc Sandwich baggie and let them go to town. The fun part of course is they get to snack on them when they are done :-)

Graphing Marshmallow Bunnies

You can do several things with the What Comes Next Worksheet to offer different levels of differentiation. Here are some options...have students use traditional dice (depending on students level...give 1, 2, or 3 dice), have students use double dice, students can use any of those crazy dice that can have up to 20 sides, or you can make number word dice....OR for the very students who just beg for the challenge...
give them two dice with the actual numbers on them and add them together or give them one dice with numbers on it (one that has between 10-20 sides) and one traditional dice with dots and have them practice counting up.

My Kinder-Hoppers love using dice; however they are always flying off the tables, especially when they are give more than one dice...I will be ordering these very soon!
Dice Domes Deluxe

**Students roll the dice and fill in the first box. Then they write the numbers that follow.
What Comes Next Spring Edition


  1. Shannon, Thank you so much for posting all of the great resources! I love coming to your blog and finding tons of stuff that I can use in my classroom!



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  5. You are so awesome! I downloaded several things and am inspired to create a few things of my own.

  6. Thank you for sharing ALL of these. They are great for a week of spring weather centers!!!! You are the best.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of your great ideas. My kids love your worksheets and centers too. They love how cute everything is.

  8. Thank you for these beautiful printables! I printed out several to use with my class the week after spring break.

  9. Thank you for sharing all your fantastic ideas - I can't wait to use them in my room:)

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  11. Love your ideas! You are so creative! I just found you and I'm a new follower! Teachers are the most clever people!

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    Little Warriors

  15. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! What is the name of the font you use, for the directions and name, in the Rainy Day Sight Word Find?

  16. Thank you so much, Shannon!! Love your Spring unit too! I have been considering teaching another grade (just to vary my experiences after being in K for 5 years), but your addicting blog keeps me second-guessing if I really want to switch!

  17. You are so creative! I LOVE your blog and the freebies! Thanks for being such a giving teacher! I bet your teammates just love working with you {I'm a little jealous, I don't have any teammates, it's just me in K}!!!

    Happy or should I say Hoppy Sunday!
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  18. Wow Shannon! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. I can't wait to use them!

  19. Thanks so much for the freebies! What a great resource. On the dice domes... don't bother with them. I ordered 2 packages and out of the 8, 5 had cracks in them. If they crack that easily, not kinder friendly. :) I use the little plastic baskets found at Walmart and that seems to keep dice under control. Also, save those little Gerber baby food containers. Very handy for K!
    Take Care!

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