Monday, January 27, 2014

Groundhog Day Blog Favorites

Another day off due to frigid temperatures, ugh! Not the best few days here in Casa Martin. Coop and I have been under the weather. Sick and going stir crazy....not the best combo!

Thought I'd put up the Groundhog Day Blog Favorites while I am stuck inside. It's a freebie :0)

Kindergarten Hoppenings {Groundhog Day Blog Favorites}

Groundhog Day Blog Favorites Includes:
Groundhog Graph Pieces
Shadow or No Shadow Graphing Activity
Groundhog Emergent Reader
Groundhog Puzzle


Tomorrow is another "snow" day. At this rate, we will be baking in our classrooms in July! Hope your week is warmer than ours!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Going with the Pigeon

Is it Spring yet???? I can't take this It's cold...bitter cold and snowy. Snow is only good during the week of Christmas for me, then I have little to no use for it. I need Spring or the beach along with a mojito, of the blueberry variety!

I am in the midst of our Transportation Unit. We kicked it off with the silliest book....

The book is over in like a half second and is completely silly, but my kiddos go crazy for it. A book that is over in two shakes of a lambs tale can suddenly go on forever because they ask me to read it over and over. Mo Willems #goldmine, I tell you. 
We brainstormed things that go, forgot to take a picture of my chart but the pic above is similar with the exception that I am no Cara Carroll in the font department!

Some pigeon activities, a loose tie in to our On the Go unit. 

Here are the pieces to create your own graph. It's a little freebie :0)

We also wrote about where we thought the pigeon would go if he was able to drive the bus. It was super cute!
He wants to go to heaven, under the sun there is actually a staircase
for when he gets off the bus.
He's not the only one who wants to go to Mexico!
The pigeon visiting Willis Tower.

Another lil freebie...
Where does the pigeon want to go {Journal Page}

I really don't enjoy the unit itself, I love my centers and the Wake-Up Work
On the Go! Transportation Activities for the Common Core 

On the Go! Wake-Work {Common Core Aligned, Differentiated

 Do you do a transportation unit? Got any fresh and awesome ideas? I would love to hear them!!

If you are anywhere cold, stay warm and safe this weekend! If you are somewhere with a better climate, enjoy it!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Introducing Blog Favorites

Hello Friends!

Am I the only one who is just about done with Winter??? We've already surpassed our normal snow totals and it has been c.o.l.d! I'm over it. I'm completely over having indoor recess, as well. Poor lil' things are dying to play in the snow and it's been impossibly cold, then it all melts....repeat. Ugh!!!

We are about to start our Transportation Unit. I'm not really excited for our unit, but I know once we start talking about our mini box cars the Hoppers excitement will build until it's contagious or until I feel the need to pull my hair out. I put together a Wake-Up Work Companion Pack for my On the Go Unit.
On the Go! Wake-Work {Common Core Aligned, Differentiated

The other task I've decided to undertake is a looooong time coming. I've received A LOT of requests to take my individual blog freebies and compile them into one file. Well, friends, I've started. Here is the first in a series....
Kindergarten Hoppenings {Winter Blog Favorites}

These are not new files, just individual things that are now in one easy to download file.

Winter Blog Favorites Includes:4 Emergent Readers (The 

Snowman, Snowman Buttons (adding book), The Snowman For 

You, and Winter Colors

Snowflake Numbers Worksheet

Snowman Sight Word Color by Code

Spin & Graph Spinner and Worksheet

Snowflake Adding Worksheet

Mitten Counting by 10's Worksheet

Winter Patterns Worksheet

Winter and Summer Things Season Sort

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Go, Go, No?

Happy New Year Friends!!!!

So, I was all set to GO, GO, Go back to school tomorrow and Mother Nature has thrown the midwest a giant winter ick! It's been snowing like mad since last night and tomorrow the high is a balmy -13. Snow days...I don't mind them! I know there are teachers who can't stand them, but when you have to drive 40-45 minutes to get to school as it is, ya just don't mind not having to add any more minutes to that commute!

I have firmly planted my behind on my couch and am creating, creating, creating....made some brownies and am binge watching the show Chuck on Netflix. Chuck, I loved that show when it was on, something about a geek! Well, I never saw the final season, so why not?!

I am prepping up for January. We do Winter, Space, and Transportation. It's not my favorite month of teaching, but each year I add some things that jazz it up. Last year, I absolutely adored teaching Space! We made cute aliens and made alien floats. The Hoppers loved it! I am working on a Out of this World Wake-Up Work Companion Pack now. In the mean time, I wanted to post my new On the Go! Wake-Up Work Companion Pack.

On the Go! Wake-Work {Common Core Aligned, Differentiated

On the Go! Wake-Up Work pack has 12 transportation themed worksheets to reinforce concepts that have been taught or can be used to assess student learning. Each worksheet has 2-3 levels to differentiate according to your students needs. Great for morning work or additional home practice!

Skills covered include...
Printing letters, -at and -an word family, syllables, beginning and ending sounds, decoding, addition, counting, writing numbers, comparing numbers, and greater/less than.

Hope you are warm and safe wherever you are! Hope you have a wonderful week!