Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They Do the Mash...

Oh my goodness, I don't think I've been more tired than I feel around 2PM, no kidding! I am not a good sleeper and I never nap...and the 3rd trimester is here :-)

In other news, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Kinder-Hoppers!!! As of tomorrow, I have 22 little smiling faces and they couldn't be any cuter or lovable. I will be honest though, having a student teacher is quite challenging for me. First, I am a girl on the go, almost always at full throttle....I am perfect for the five and six year old crowd (so I am finding it somewhat difficult to just sit and watch) and secondly, I am a bit of a control freak (I like my classroom to be organized a certain way and I obsessed with making sure my students get what they need academically). I am learning a lot and hopefully growing in the process. I am finding some time to create more, but my pregnancy brain is creating a bit of a creativity block. So....are y'all ready for this....I am working on Halloween and Fall activities right now and I am taking requests. I won't guarantee that all ideas will be created, but I will definitely try my best. Just email me a description and whether it should be an in color center/whole group activity or a black and white printable.

On to the goods! We do a mini monster unit in October. I don't have a ton of stuff for it, but what I have...I offer to you. I hope there are things that you can utilize in your classroom, and I truly hope to inspire you to share your creativity and materials with others! Show some love if you download....comments can be left at the bottom of any post if you have a google/gmail account (for those of you who keep emailing me) :-)


All documents contain fonts that are copyright DJ Inkers. Virtually all documents contain graphics that are copyright DJ Inkers. They are used with permission. Please visit http://www.djinkers.com/, for wonderful clipart and fonts.

Books We Love
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)) Go Away, Big Green Monster! There's a Nightmare in My Closet Where the Wild Things Are If You're A Monster And You Know It I Need My Monster There Was An Old Monster!The Monster at the End of this Book (Sesame Street) (Big Little Golden Book)

Literacy Goods (sorry there just isn't much!)
ABC Monsters is a printable that has students practicing writing lower case letters alphabetically.
ABC Monsters

The Monster Sounds Go Fish is in order for those Jolly Phonics users out there! They don't have to be used for Go Fish of course.
Monster Sounds Go Fish

A printable. Students print the missing sounds in the appropriate box. The second page is for your little over-achievers!
Monster Middles (Beginning Sounds)

A little book to help with color word recognition, tracking print, and basic sight words.
See the Monsters Little Book

Math Goods
The sequencing cards are great for whole group, small group, and center instruction time.
Monster Number Sequencing Center Cards 1-20

These cards are the printable after using the cards above. Students color, cut, and glue the numbers in order on a sentence strip. I have all the way to 20 even though it says 12 to help differentiate.
Monster Number Sequencing 1-12

Number cards for matching.
Monster Number Memory Game

A center or whole group activity. Print out on cardstock and laminate for durability. Students find the hat match for each monster....that's right, in my world, monsters should be wearing hats.
Monster Number Matching

I love doing this graph! It always comes out the same, almost all the boys say they aren't afraid, but after discussing it more thoroughly...in the end, they fess up...super cute!
Are You Afraid of Monsters Graph

We also make some super cute Big, Green Monsters. We discuss symmetry. Students get an 11x18 sheet of black construction paper and we fold it in half (I let students choose whether they want to fold it vertically or horizontally), then we put green paint down the center of the fold. We re-fold it and press it down. Let it dry and then we use these pieces to create our monsters...http://www.kizclub.com/storypatterns/monster.pdf

A kooky little song to go with If You're a Monster and You Know It... http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/book.jsp?id=1312582


  1. Love the activities! Thank you so much!!

  2. Oh, thank you for all the great monster activities! You have darling graphics and ideas. My kids will love Monster week!
    Tonia in Redlands,CA

  3. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing and all your generous ideas and activities. Your blog is truly my favorite!!! :)

  4. Thank you again Shannon! You inspire me with every post on this blog. :) I was wondering how you connected your Monster poem in your poetry folder to curriculum and this post has answered that. I love sharing and I'm so glad that you do too!

    Kari :)

  5. Shannon,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your resources..I love visiting your blog! I love black/white printables since I don't always have access to a color printer--but I love so many of the things you do so I won't be picky!

    Thanks so much--You Rock!



  6. I am very impressed with all the wonderful things you share. You are so creative and generous. I'm really enjoying getting to know your blog.

  7. Some fun things!! Thanks for sharing. Would you consider adding the entire alphabet to your Monster Go Fish? Then, it would be easy to match game to player skill level.

  8. Thanks for sharing the activities are great. I will definitely use them with my students. I feel your pain. I am not pregnant but I am a control freak, have twenty seven k students and also was given a student teacher. Oh did I forget an aid that plans to retires so she could careless about anything. But the student teacher is coming in handy and so will yours.

  9. Thank you so much for all of the goodies!! I feel you on the student teacher. I have one right now also. My first and I feel like I am on the run all the time. Can't believe you are doing all of this while pregnant!

  10. You always have the best ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them. Yours is my favorite blog without a doubt. You are so generous to share your ideas and talents with us.

  11. 3rd trimester and still blogging! Wow... I came home and crashed every single day. I did not have that restless problem! Thank you again for all your fun activities. You always inspire me to create.

  12. Love your monster things! I can't wait to add some of your things to our monster unit next month. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the student teacher and new baby on the way! How exciting!!!

  13. I am passing on the I Heart Your Blog Award to you!

    Kinder Kraziness

  14. Thank you for being so amazing. I also just gave you the I Heart Your Blog award on my site!

  15. I love the activities! Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing! I know how much time it takes to create all of this stuff! Hopefully once that baby comes the favor can be returned and you can find other great things pre-made by us to use. Good luck and thanks again!


  17. Shannon,
    I have noticed that you use a lot of Djinkers Clipart. Where did you find it all? I know that there are CDs that one can buy, and if you did that which ones specifically do you find most helpful?

  18. Thank you so much for all of your freebies! How do you find time to get all of this in plus the "required" work?

  19. Thanks again for making such super cute activities and sharing them!

  20. Thanks so much for all the fun stuff. You are awesome!

  21. Thank you! I have shared your site with members of the Winston-Salem, NC chapter of the NC reading assoc. I teach a k1combo and use every idea with my k's! I would love some fall leaf activities that can tie into Nov. And Thanksgiving.. I am praying for you and your baby..my 1st grand baby is due at the beginning of April! God's miracle!

  22. Thank you so much for your generosity. I love your printables! Good luck with your last trimester.


  23. I'm sharing the "I Heart Your Blog" award with you! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Every week, I use something that you have shared with us!


  24. Shannon, thank you for sharing so freely! I love all that you create! Are you going to do anything with transportation? By the way, congrats on your pregnancy:)

  25. I don't know how you have the time for all of this, but I LOVE EVERYTHING and am so appreciative of you sharing it with everyone. It is so nice to be able to get other kindergarten teacher's ideas. THANK YOU

  26. Oh, my kids are loving your cute center activities. I was thinking about doing a forest animal unit. If you have any ideas, it would be wonderful.
    Tonia in Redlands,CA

  27. How do you find the time to make all of these awesome things? Of course, super cute as usual. I cannot tell you how much you inspire me. One of these days I will create a blog of my own... when I find a spare moment in the day! lol Thanks again for sharing.

  28. omg! Don't ever apologize! You do more than enough for all of us AND you're creating a new life inside of you! That's a lot of work girl! :) As always, thank you so much. I must tell you about another monster book I think you’ll LOVE. It's called Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett, it's hilarious (when read with a funny voice, of course!). Not sure if you've read it yet or not but you should get it! Maybe a copy for your kids at school AND your own little baby! :)


  29. Shannon,

    Love your stuff! I am just finishing the apple things you had available in June. I love that they are good for use between September till end of NOv. :)

    I would love some leaf activities...for center work. Something I can use any week from the end of September until December 1st. That way I am not tied to a holiday window of time :)



  30. Love your monster freebies!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Thank you for sharing your many activities. I appreciate the time you spend creating them.

  32. You are amazing, and I am so thrilled when the little notice pops up that you posted a new entry! My kiddos are absolutely LOVING these new materials.

    THANK YOU! :) Hang in there, and take some time to rest!!!!

  33. My kiddos LOVED your monster ideas!! Thank you!!

  34. Jake had "Monster Middles" in his Read & Review folder yesterday. I had to come snag it!! Thanks for everything!! :)