Friday, June 29, 2012

Luna Winner!

Congratulations to....

I've sent an email your way Caitlin! Congrats again!
A HUGE thank you to Learning Resources for sponsoring this giveaway and giving me the opportunity to try out your amazing products!
I would love, love, love for you to take a little of time and vote for the 2012 Fascination Awards. It doesn't seem that many people are voting. Throw some love to your favorite Kindergarten Blogs. To vote follow this link and scroll down to Kinder Teacher Blog, click on comments, and click on your favorite. You will need a Google account and then upgrade to Google Plus (this takes two shakes of a lambs tail).

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  1. Hi Shannon! Glad to see you back...I hope life is beginning to balance out for you. I have missed you dearly. From the sounds of it, things were shaky for you...keep you chin up kid ; ) & a {{hug}}.
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten