Friday, October 5, 2012

Holding My Head Above Water

Hey there!

I know it's been a while, I am sooo sorry. Sometimes, something just has to give, ya know? So, it's been the old blog. My days are really long, but Coop and I are surviving thriving...well, sometimes we are, lol. Thanks so much for the emails and comments, I truly do appreciate each and everyone of you out there!!! There are nights I don't actually eat dinner because of lack of time, so honestly, please do not take it personally if I don't respond for a while, I am hoping that one day soon, I will, by some miracle, catch up with you all. For now, just know that you are loved.

I haven't blogged in so long, I haven't been able to tell you how much I absolutely ADORE my new group of Kinder-Hoppers! I love, love, love them so much. They have these fun and enthusiastic little personalities and they even get my humor :0)

The first few weeks have passed by in a blur of fun, routines, and so much learning. We are fully into the swing of things and having a ball in Room 17! October has to be one of the most fun months in Kindergarten. By now, the kiddos know the expectations and are so excited the entire month. Next week is one of my FAVORITE weeks...Monsters. I don't link the unit to Halloween, it's just about imagination and fantasy. I can't wait :0)

I decided to work on a Fall Unit. It doesn't include any Halloween or Thanksgiving stuff at all, so it's perfect for those who can't include those themes. Here are some pictures...

I've also listened to those of you that wanted my Poetry Journals in one file, so that is up too.

I will be hosting a little Learning Resources giveaway next week sometime, so stay tuned!

I would love for you to visit my TPT store, so I'm throwin' a Columbus Day Sale!! Hopefully, you will find something you can use.

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Hoppy Friday!


  1. Shannon, love your poetry unit. Such cute poems. Wishing you the best.

  2. Hang in there! Sending my thoughts & prayers.

    Color Me Kinder

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  4. My daughter started kindergarten this year and very sadly we had to unexpectedly move. This means we changed districts :( The change wasn't positive so I opted to homeschool my little Kinder. I am so thankful that she got a great start with an amazing teacher. She was nice enough to point me to your site and your poetry units. I will be using them and look forward to checking out your TPT acct! Thanks so much for sharing your work!