Monday, February 18, 2013

Beyond the Sea

Finding Nemo is HANDS DOWN my favorite Disney Pixar movie!! Not only is it such a cute and entertaining movie, back in college I did an entire presentation for a class on how it can be used in a classroom. It is full of quirky characters that students can definitely learn from. So, it just makes sense that I LOVE doing an Ocean Unit! We make awesome jellyfish, learn all about sea animals, graph goldfish crackers, make ocean (jello bags), read TONS of great books, visit The Shedd (which makes me want to hyperventilate), and we even watch Nemo :0)  

This year I am pretty sure we will be making some of these from (A Cupcake for the Teacher)...

I have a load of Ocean freebies, you can find them here.

My new Beyond the Sea unit is here! A huge thanks to the ladies who helped me edit!!! I truly appreciate your help :)

Beyond the Sea has 14 math and literacy activities for your kiddos to enjoy. It's just over 100 pages and has quite a few new activities. I plan on using it during the last week of February and the first week of March, so it's full of activities that are to prep our Kinders for 1st Grade.

Hope you are enjoying your President's Day!!


  1. I had the pleasure to edit this and it is amazing! Lots of fun things and totally aligned to the common core! It is worth getting!

  2. Its a great idea to make kids learn about sea living things.Kids will love those small hand made sea characters they will learn so fast.I will try myself to make such characters and gift my students.It will be new,funny and small Kindergarten graduation gift ideas which will make them happy.