Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Hoppiest Day of the Year

I will be honest, the 100th Day of School might be my favorite day of the school year. I love how excited the Hoppers are! I don't know how it is in other schools, but somehow, it just seems so much more exciting for our Kindergartners. It's their first experience with the day and that number 100 seems so big to them. I just want to bottle their energy and enthusiasm and sell it and make a million bucks and be able to afford a vacation :0)...instead, I relish in the fact that I played a part in their first really big school celebration and settle for some mint Oreos and Cougar Town.

Ya know what the best part of celebrating at school, you don't really have to do a whole lot to keep them thinking you are the best teacher and party planner ever!

Today's agenda...
Greet my little old people, we dressed up like we were 100. This has to be my favorite tradition! Super cute! No pics of my Kinder-Hoppers, you'll have to settle for my team...also cute, also lovable! I seriously love these ladies!!!

Wake-Up Work- Finish our 100 Day Crowns and glasses.
Morning Meeting- the norms plus a variety of counting and movement activities, 100th day story, and overall excitement.

During snack, we did some Jack Hartmann 100 songs, which we loved of course!

Poem Practice- 100th Day of School :)

100 Dixie Cups A Team Building Activity- I gave each table group 100 dixie cups. OMG, they loved, loved, loved building together. It was so fun to watch them and see how they interacted. I truly think they could have done this ALL day long. It was awesome!!!! Please ignore the disaster happening on the counter, it's a crazy day!

We also made geometric shapes using 100 toothpicks and 100 marshmallows. Also fun, but way sticky!
Then it was time for recess and lunch. They wanted to build with cups for recess, too cute!
We then did some activities seeing how many things we could do in 100 seconds.
Time for art with Mr. S
We came back and did our 100 day collections.
We get out at 1:30. They had an awesome day and were talking about all the fun they had as we froze our way to the buses (which seem like a mile away when it's this cold).

What they didn't know was how excited I am for this day and how I try to cram as much into it as possible. Here's all the stuff we didn't get to...

100 Day Fruit Loop Necklaces (tomorrow)
Gumball Machines with 100 Do-A-Dot (tomorrow)
Highlight to 100 (maybe Thursday)

Hunt for 100 Kisses (Friday)

100 Day Self Portraits

Ok, maybe I overplanned. I love this day!

Hoppy 100th Day of School!!!!

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