Friday, July 22, 2011

Hoppy Birthday!

In celebration of my birthday (July 23rd)...a few birthday gifts for you to enjoy! I usually do some birthday related things as part of my beginning of the year. I will be honest, my beginning of the year unit is a HOT mess! I do a combination of Krazy for Kindergarten, All About Me, and Colors and Shapes. I do so many assessments and the kiddos are so not use to being in school for that long, you would think that I'm ADD, which I very well could be ;-). I thought I would separate the birthday stuff out, well because it is hotter than two cats fighting in a wool sock here and the pools not open yet!

I hope you find some things to use in your classroom! And, if you are feeling ultra generous, you can send me you favorite birthday related item that you use in your classroom to my's right folks, I am not above asking for gifts myself :-)!


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Books We Love
Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear)Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty (Bad Kitty (Quality))Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday PartyHappy Birthday, Dear DuckFroggy Bakes a CakeHappy Birthday to You!

The Birthday Goods
I know I already have this Jack Hartmann book uploaded but it ties in so nicely and my little Kinder-Hoppers ALWAYS love it, so I thought I would include it!

Our Birthday Wishes is a Class Book. It is actually in my Family Literacy Birthday Bag which all the students take home at one point during the year. I glue the cover on cardstock and laminate the front and back.
Our Birthday Wishes

ABC Cupcakes is a simple worksheet for students to write the ABC's on.
ABC Cupcakes

I use these ABC cupcakes for several things at the beginning of the year; matching upper to lower case and ABC order during whole group instruction. I use them for Go Fish with small groups.
Birthday Go Fish (Upper to Lower)

Counting Candles is a book that is for literacy, as well as, early in the year math instruction. I make a copy for each student and staple it together; however, you could certainly have students put them in order themselves, we read the books and then students must draw the number of candles indicated on each page. Then we practice reading our books using candles as pointers!
Counting Candles Book

A traditional Spin and Graph Game. Very simple for the beginning of the year. The dashed boxes are for the totals in each column.
Spin and Graph Birthday Spinner

Spin & Graph Birthday

Here is a Shape Color by Code. My kids adore anything that is color by code, so I try to be inventive!
Birthday Cake Color by Code (Shapes)

The Birthday Cake Math Mat is something that I use in the Family Literacy Birthday Bag, but it can be used as is for higher students OR for the beginning of the year, you can make multiple copies of the cakes and write numbers on them. You can use the paper candles or real candles and have students match the number of candles to the cake.
Birthday Cake Math Mat

Present Arrangement is a worksheet that gives students the opportunity to practice putting objects into order from smallest to largest. We practice this as a whole group with boxes before doing the worksheet.
Present Arrangement Seriation


    I always get so excited when you have a new post! Thanks for sharing your birthday themed activities.
    I feel ADD at the beginning of the year too! There is so much to do and so many rules and routines to teach the kindies! We always make it through!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! My birthday is tomorrow.
    Thank you for all of your hard work. I LOVE everything you do.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful resources with us! You are always so generous! Hope you have a great day!

  4. I just found your blog this morning and your stuff is SO cute! Thanks for sharing. I just sent you an email with a little birthday themed packet - Happy Birthday!

    Peace, Love & Learning

  5. Happy Birthday!! Thanks so much for this awesome post! I hope your birthday is fabulous!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love all of your awesome ideas. You are truly AMAZING

  7. I love, love, love your blog! You are one smart, crafty kinda gal! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful goodies!

  8. Happy Birthday Shannon!!! Thank you for sharing this super cute birthday post!

    Kari :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing all of this cute birthday stuff.

  10. Happy Birthday! I just started a blog today and I shared a link to your blog on my blog. I also created a sports Spin and Graph. Check it out! I love your blog!!


  11. Wow! I never really did a whole lot at the beginning of the year with birthdays but I think you have inspired me to give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I hope you had a nice birthday. I love your birthday stuff. We don't celebrate birthdays at my school but I did run off your Jack Hartman book. I would like to at least acknowledge a birthday when it happens.

  13. Wow these are amazing!

    Where did you find the cupcake graphic for the upper and lowercase alphabet cupcake go fish cards?

    Thank you