Monday, November 26, 2012

Snow Much Winter Fun

Today we celebrate the marriage of Q and U!! I purchased two wonderful units one from Crystal over at Kreative in Kindergarten and the other from Kathleen over at Growing Kinders...
QU Wedding! Happily Ever After in Letter Land!! The Wedding of Q and U!

My kiddos had such a good time! We played the wedding march, danced, had cake, and had our little puppets get married. It was wedded bliss and the perfect way to return from our break! Thanks ladies your units were perfect.

I couldn't resist doing a little shopping over on TPT. I bought up a bunch of Teri's craftivities from A Cupcake for the Teacher. I am just in love with how cute they are! Be sure to check out..
elf magic! {craftivities & printables}
Those elf feet are adorable!!! I seriously can't get enough...also bought Best Friends, Penguin Pals, and Hot Chocolate :0)

Also, purchased Cara's new North Pole or Bust from The First Grade Parade. Complete awesomeness!
North Pole or Bust! {18 Hands-On December Literacy Activities}

Picked up some fabulousness from Katie over at Little Warriors.
100th Day Math and Literacy Centers Cool & Groovy Colorful Cats Math & Literacy Centers

Also, wanted to let you know I finished up my Snow Much Winter Fun pack. I uploaded it last night :)

Happy Shopping!!!

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  1. At my school we had an actual wedding. Some of the other kinder teacher and I found a wedding dress and other wedding attire at a resale shop. My mom makes cakes and she made the school a wedding cake with a Q & U at the top. It was a hoot!