Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Vanishing Act

Ohmiword, has it really been 6 months since I blogged?!? First and foremost...I have missed you all so, so, so much!!!

So, where have I been? Sick. That pretty much sums it all up. After my world collapsed back in May 2012, I began to try to rebuild it....toddler in tow and on my own. Tra-la-la, I'm going about things having ups and downs just like anyone else. Then from December through January, I kept battling recurring strep throat. From January-April, I would wake up with a fever, chills, and overall achiness several times a week. Doctor visit after doctor visit with no answers. By the end of April, most days I couldn't get out of bed.

I missed the last 7 weeks of school. Most days were without my little guy :( I will tell you my life was no fun at all. The beginning of the summer I started to recoop. Although every few days I would still wake up with a fever, chills, and body aches with extreme fatigue. It's no joke people....there are days that I sleep for hours on end. It's so bizarre, I've gone from a non-napper to life as a cat.

As the summer came to an end, my "episodes" were getting farther apart, almost 2 weeks apart! Then I went back to school, I'm back to challenging days in every week. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Throughout all of this, I have tried to keep my head high while facing some serious life changers....loss of 13 year marriage, his infidelity (and some scary things that followed), the loss of a house, moving out on my own for the first time EVER, and the realization that things can fall apart when you least expect it.

My school and coworkers have been the most incredible support system I have. While the people who I trusted and relied on have seamlessly faded into the background, my school has been my beacon. That's the kind of place I work. They are my family. I trust them and love them and could have never gotten through the last few years without them. My mentor, Pam, is honestly, the best person I have ever met. I am blessed to work with her and call her my friend. I will never be able to convey how lucky I am to work at Willow School.

How's the little mister? BIG and a tad naughty ;-) He's definitely mine. He's book obsessed (like me), he lives on a steady stream of milk (like me), and tests the boundaries of everything!

I have read each and every email and comment from you! Unfortunately, I just haven't been able to keep up. For this, I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart. If you needed something or needed something answered, please comment or shoot me an email smorss99@gmail.com and I will try my very best to answer you quickly.

For those of you that wanted a Wake-Up Work pack for August/September, I worked on it throughout the summer and simply just couldn't get it finished. :(  I am working on the one for October, it just takes me a lot longer to finish things these days. I have just finished a Halloween type pack which is getting edited tonight, so be on the look out!

That's it for now. Know that I miss the blogging community and all my friends out there! I'm working out my come back, slowly and surely.

Lots of love,



  1. So happy to see you back online! Take care of yourself and your little one! My thoughts are with you as you continue to adjust to all the changes!

  2. Glad to see you here again. Take care and thanks again for everything you've shared with me and my students!

  3. glad to see you! you obiously got the very best of your former husband in that little bundle of cuteness!! stay strong, my school family is my life too! xox

  4. Hang in there! This will only be a tiny blip on your fabulous life! Take care of yourself and your little man!

  5. Glad to see you back! Your lil guy is adorable!

  6. I was so excited to see a new post from you! We have missed you!

  7. Glad to know that you are getting better - I hoped all was well with you!

  8. I was so excited to see a post from you!!!!! Take your time and do what you need to do for you and your son!!!! We will be here!

  9. Oh wow! You poor thing! You deserve a break, that is for sure. I am glad you are surrounded by people who are uplifting. Your son is adorable <3
    Continue to care for YOU! Glad to see you back :)
    Andrea G

  10. Welcome Back! Take your time, get healthy and we are excited to have you inspire us once more!

  11. I was happy to see your post too! We miss you and prayers for you and your darling little guy.
    Sincerely Tonia vento

  12. I haven't visited your site since May...felt a little ironic that I checked it out today..just 2 days since your post. Good gracious, you have been thru the wringer!!! So very, very sorry for everything that has been going on in your life. Sending big hugs your way and lots and lots of love and prayers! I'm glad you have a wonderful support system at school, and hopefully you have other angels in your personal life getting you thru these tough times. Sounds like you are a very strong woman. Glad to see that your back online and wishing you well!! :o)

  13. I am so sorry that things have been so hard for you. I understand that things happen, as they have happened in my life. I know that your moving forward is hard and that there are days that you may want to give up. Keep your faith and you will make it through this and shine like you have never shined before. You are worth it and so is that little adorable boy. How blessed you are to have him. You are amazing and will be watched over. Take care and remember that you can do this.

  14. I have missed your posts! I'm glad you're beginning to feel better. Little Cooper is adorable!

  15. So glad to see you back! Sorry to hear that things have been so tough for you health wise :( Love the pics he is getting sooo big! Hope that you continue to get well!

    Clearly Kindergarten