Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Going with the Pigeon

Is it Spring yet???? I can't take this It's cold...bitter cold and snowy. Snow is only good during the week of Christmas for me, then I have little to no use for it. I need Spring or the beach along with a mojito, of the blueberry variety!

I am in the midst of our Transportation Unit. We kicked it off with the silliest book....

The book is over in like a half second and is completely silly, but my kiddos go crazy for it. A book that is over in two shakes of a lambs tale can suddenly go on forever because they ask me to read it over and over. Mo Willems #goldmine, I tell you. 
We brainstormed things that go, forgot to take a picture of my chart but the pic above is similar with the exception that I am no Cara Carroll in the font department!

Some pigeon activities, a loose tie in to our On the Go unit. 

Here are the pieces to create your own graph. It's a little freebie :0)

We also wrote about where we thought the pigeon would go if he was able to drive the bus. It was super cute!
He wants to go to heaven, under the sun there is actually a staircase
for when he gets off the bus.
He's not the only one who wants to go to Mexico!
The pigeon visiting Willis Tower.

Another lil freebie...
Where does the pigeon want to go {Journal Page}

I really don't enjoy the unit itself, I love my centers and the Wake-Up Work
On the Go! Transportation Activities for the Common Core 

On the Go! Wake-Work {Common Core Aligned, Differentiated

 Do you do a transportation unit? Got any fresh and awesome ideas? I would love to hear them!!

If you are anywhere cold, stay warm and safe this weekend! If you are somewhere with a better climate, enjoy it!


  1. We love the Pigeon books, too! Thanks for the freebies! :) Stay warm!

  2. Could not be cuter!!! We start our Mo Willems unit for writing next week. I am so excited.
    Curious Firsties