Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Winter Activities

We just keep plugging along through January! I took some pictures of additional activities.

Our Penguin Bulletin Board (idea from

Our Getting Ready (Winter Chart)
Anyone who teaches young children during the Winter months in a part of the country that experiences cold temperatures and snow, knows how difficult it is is to get ready to go home. It doesn't matter how many times you tell little "Susie" that she needs to put her mail into her folder and into her backpack BEFORE her mittens are on...because there she stands looking so proud....hat on, coat on but unzipped, snowpants on over her coat, mittens on, still wearing her cute little ballet flats because her boots are in the hall, and her mail and folder are still sitting on the table....then you multiply this by 20! It's no wonder that December-almost March, we have to start packing up to go home long before the bell rings. In the past, I go over how to get ready over and over, but I still have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off helping zip, grabbing all the dropped scarves and mittens, putting folders into backpacks, etc.. This year we created a chart for them to reference. I cannot tell you how much time it has shaved off our time!

The Mitten
We read two versions of The Mitten, one by Jan Brett and the other by Jim Aylesworth. We compare the stories and retell them.

We have a large die cut of a mitten. I hole punch them and the students lace and decorate their mitten. We color and cut out pictures to go with the Jan Brett version. Students LOVE retelling the story over and over! I believe the pictures came from a Frank Schaffer publication.

We also make a character comparison chart. Students decorated small mittens for the edge of the chart.

A sight word memory game. I created it using Carson Dellosa double sided die cuts and clear labels.

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