Sunday, January 2, 2011


I willingly admit that our transportation unit is not my favorite; however, it is a unit that the kids adore! We spend two weeks learning about the modes of transportation and why each one is important. Our culminating activity is a drive-in movie in their own custom built boxcar. The boxcars are an enormous amount of work, but in the's a completely worthwhile experience for our kids.

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Newest Transportation Unit can be found here...

Unit Plan
Transportation Unit

Books we love...

Reading Worksheets and Activities

My Car Book

Phonics Sail Worksheet

Things That Go Class Book

Transportation Journal

Math Worksheets & Activities

Checkered Flag Adding

Train Counting

Spin and Graph Transportation Spinner

Spin & Graph Transportation



  1. I just came upon your blog- LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas :) On your spin and graph in the transportation unit- what are the dotted boxes at the top for? Thanks again!

  2. Hi!

    I am glad you found me :)

    The dotted boxes are for students to write the number of each column in.

  3. Do you have directions on how to make the box cars? I love that idea. Your blog is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shannon, your blog is amazing! I just love looking at all of your ideas. I am going on my second year teaching kindergarten. I can't thank you enough for helping my first year be a success! My kids loved all of your ideas, unit plans, book lists, and worksheets.
    One thing I am having trouble viewing is your color by the code worksheets for numbers and sight words. For some reason, my computer doesn't recognize the font you are using. What is the name of the font you use? I am going to try to and download it so I can use all of your resources next year. Thank you again. All the work you do is inspiring!