Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A Tuesday post, <enter a Psych "Whaat" here>? I love that show...and all things Reality TV related. Seriously, I cannot get enough of those Real Housewives or Big Brother or Teen Mom...look away, I'm hideous!

Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder that my Learning Resources Attribute Apples Giveaway ends tomorrow. Click on the cute apples below to enter!
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I have LOVED reading the responses to how everyone feels about school supplies being out. I really do love when they come out. Something about new crayons, glue without clogged caps, and folders that don't look like they have been trampled on by 50 wet boots on a bus...delights me. I ache to go shopping; however, I want need for not. I am blessed to be at a school that allows us to order a nice chunk of necessities like stickers and stamp pads. Last summer I went Hog Wild with buying up stuff for school. I acted as if I would never get to spend another dime on my classroom because of Coop, turns out, it's pretty much true. My classroom is fairly well stocked, so there is no need to shop. Unless, you look in my closet....losing weight...a blessing for self-esteem and a curse to the wallet!

I'm looking forward to getting into my oven, eh hem, I mean my classroom! Our school doesn't open up until August 13, a week before school starts. I am looking forward to changing some things up. I'll post on that later. I REALLY want to paint some shelves and cabinets in my room. We have all these crazy fire code regulations (nothing hanging, no fabric, no more than 20% of your walls can be covered...goes on and on), so our rooms look more than a little plain and I'm sure that I would end up having to spend an arm and a leg on some special paint that not only resists fire but actually creates a bubble, similar to a fallout shelter or something.

Anywho, my Owl Unit is on sale on Teachers Notebook if you're interested. Ends tomorrow :0)

I'm working on a Beginning of the Year Bear Unit for some friends out there! It is looking super cute. I use to do a small Bear Unit, so I am really excited to be doing something I haven't done in a long time! I've also got a Space Unit that will be up soon. If there is anything you would like, please let me know :0)

Have a great night!


  1. Excited about anything Back to School you decide to create. The bear unit sounds great as I do a bear unit early in the year. Did I mention I love everything you make? I hope things are getting better for you- I have a beautiful little four month old too and knowing you have that precious little person that loves you unconditionally can get you through anything. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)

  2. If you ever do a "Bumble Bee" theme...I would LOVE that sooo much :)

  3. Shannon,
    I am in awe of your determination and strength. God has a wonderful plan for you and your beautiful son and it is good. You are a blessing to those families that you grow with each year. Thank you for being an inspiration to all who read your blog and use the amazing resources that you create. Continue to be strong, you will overcome all hurdles with grace.
    A friend in the world of teaching the kinder-kiddos -