Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classroom Revamp

I am a Pinterest Junkie. Seriously, I love Pinterest. I love, love, love, the teachers that are pinning queens...Hadar Maor is the girl to follow on Pinterest. She pins all the stuff that you forget to :0) I am sure there are a great many others you can follow that are phenom...she is just my favorite. Perfect Pins, not too many and they are all useful and/or cute. Thank you Hadar, you save me loads of time!

Ok, so I started pinning things that I either wanted to create for my classroom or that inspired me.
It will be perfect for my Kindergarten Orientation display!

Love this!
Table reward system. 15 points earns learning with their shoes off. LOVE this idea!
I CANNOT wait to try this!
LOVE this idea! Make a banner for students to sign on their way in for the Birthday Kiddo to take home. How stinkin easy and cute!
A Banner for my kiddos to take home!
Anywho...I started a file on my poor little flashdrive that is busting at the seams called Classroom Revamp 2012. It started out with making the Birthday Banner and has now taking on a life of it's own, I tell ya! I can't get rid of my frog theme, it sounds silly but when I have a sibling of a former student, they cannot wait to be a Kinder-Hopper. Well, I am all frogged out! I need a little change up. I've started with getting rid of some of my Carson Dellosa frog things and am changing to more of a color scheme.

Then I just started making new stuff. A new word wall, a new alphabet, new table tags...

I've become obsessed, I just hope it all prints well. We can't get into our classrooms until August 13th...ugh! I am itching to set it up! I did sneak in and started painting my cabinets. I did two coats of magnetic is not going well. It is not magnetic at all. I will put a few more coats on and hope for the best!

I just finished up a Space Unit, I will put it up tomorrow, I think. I will also put up the Bear Name Tags and Nameplates that I put together. 

A huge thanks for all the birthday wishes, donations, and just all the kind words! I have the best readers and blog friends in the world!!! 

OK gotta go...Breaking Bad is about to start....oh, Walt, you have become so despicable.


  1. Waaahhh! Why can't I have a kinderhopper again this year?!? Can't Timmy have a "redo"? ;) PS You and Coop better come swim next week! We're running out of time!

  2. I did not have luck with the magnetic paint when I used it in my boys room. It would only hold really light magnets. Best of luck on your revamp! I am sticking with my monkey theme this year, but really want to change it up to owls!
    P.S. So glad you are back to blogging! I have missed your posts!

  3. Love it! I just changed my theme too - I've been the "Jungle Room" for almost 6 years now.. time for a change!

    My husband painted the back of my big book shelf with magnetic paint this summer and it barely held a magnetic letter. It seemed to hold better after we let it "sit" for a day or two, but I'm anxious to see how it does with additional coats.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer... our teachers go back Thursday! :( EEEEK... I'm so not ready!

    Kindergarten Katy

  4. My mom used magnetic paint in the kids' playroom at her house...she was painting it directly to the wall (not sure if that matters), but it took 4 or 5 coats to make it really strong. Now it's strong enough to hold magnetic letters and Melissa & Doug wooden dolls! Keep painting- it'll work!!
    Glad you're back!!