Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little More Love!

Happy Sunday all!
I have a few more things to share for Valentine's Day/Friendship Activities. My thoughts and uploads aren't organized very well today, so there isn't really any rhyme or reason, you'll just have to look past my lack of organization today. Thanks for reading :)


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All the Valentine Activities can also be found here...
Kindergarten Hoppenings {Valentine's Day Blog Favorites

We do a lot with candy hearts. We sort them by color, graph our favorite sayings, we estimate how many we can hold, count how many are in our individual boxes and graph them, and we LOVED playing the Capture the Heart game posted by Heidi at Swamp Frog!
Graphing Candy Hearts

My Hoppers love to color by code, so I am always trying to come up with worksheets that I know they will enjoy.
Counting Hearts

In January, I teach my students how to say hello in different Languages, during our Morning Meeting. We learn Hello All Around the World by Jack Hartmann, and I purchased these cards through Lakeshore Learning....
Hello From Around the World
I really wanted to come up with different ways to jazz up our Morning Message for February, as well. I decided we would learn how to say "love" in various languages. I made this cards to use during our Morning Meeting.
Love in Various Languages

Here is a little class book :)
A Friend Class Book

A few pictures (our Valentine holders, our narrow (pain in the rear) bulletin board, and our February Memory book page (the original idea I believe came from Kim Jordano).


  1. All of your ideas are so G.R.E.A.T!

  2. I love your hello and love in different languages idea. How do you do it? Do you focus on a different language each day. Your ideas are just adorable!

  3. Thanks ladies!!!

    @ Megan...I incorporate the word into our Morning Message. In January, I begin the message with
    Dear Kinder-Hoppers,
    Hello! (so the new hello goes there)
    and I always end the message with Love, Mrs. Martin.

    The kids love it. They come in trying to sound out the word and guess what language it is in. After we read the message, I display the card and give some information about the country.

    Hope that helps!