Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sight Words

I'm not quite sure why I love teaching sight words, but I do. I really enjoy finding and making new games and materials to teach them. Keeping everything interesting and enjoyable is quite a task.

Two summers ago I worked on our schools Sight Word Committee and here are some of the materials I created.

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Word Wall Activities

Teaching Sight Words Weekly Format

Sight words for word wall

I have utilized Kelly's Kindergarten for many games that my students love. Sight word Uno has been hands-down the biggest hit EVER. I have used Kelly's format to go with special times and themes throughout the school year. I print color copies on cardstock and laminate them, and I print out black and white copies for the students to use at home. Here is an example of the Ocean version of Sight Word Uno.
Sight Word Ocean Uno (color)

I also utilize the old stand-by's; Concentration, Pig, and Roll, Say, Keep. Kathy Gursky's School Bell Site has  lots of activities.
Pig Game (Feb Homework)

Flip It Down

In my room, when we play sight word Bingo, I have the students create their own boards. It gives them practice with copying words, as well as, handwriting. 
Here is an example (Valentine Bingo).
Valentine Bingo


  1. Thanks for sharing these activities! They are awesome!

  2. I can't wait to print out and play the Sight Word Uno. Fun, fun, fun!!

  3. Thank you soo much!! I love all of these!! I really needed some fresh ideas for teaching sight words each morning. :)

  4. Thank you so much! I have a really hard time teaching sight words so this is going to be really helpful.