Thursday, August 30, 2012

I {heart} Lakeshore

Anyone who has ever seen my classroom knows that I absolutely ADORE Lakeshore products! I cannot convey how much of my past classroom budget and paychecks have gone to their products. Everything I have purchased has been of absolute quality and truly benefits my students.

This past year our school f.i.n.a.l.l.y. got Smartboards. Well, you know me, I am all about creating materials for my classroom; however, we got them when I had just had Cooper. He was a month old and I was on leave. I knew that I wouldn't have time to search for lessons and activities, let alone create them, so I took a route that would benefit my students, as well as, myself....I wrote a grant. We have an incredible organization in our district that has big fundraisers and then gives the money out to classrooms for new things that they want to try. In the past I've written grants for Family Literacy Bags, LeapFrog Technology Centers, and Reading Buddies. My new grant was for Smartboard Centers. My partner in crime and I received this lovely box of centers....
They are AMAZING!!!

I was contacted by Lakeshore to try out their Phonemic Awareness Plinko Game. It is awesome! Students can practice beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming.
Phonemic Awareness Plinko Game

The game board is durable and the chips are not just cardboard or laminated. I LOVE this game for early first grade!!

Here is a little something from Lakeshore for you! Enjoy a Buy One, Get One 50%


  1. They just put a Mimio in my classroom...will this software work with Mimio? I am so new to using this tool, not to mention trying to create. Could you recommend a title or too? My Little Owls know most of the letters and sounds already. We could use something word building I think. I was also thinking basic math stuff too. Sorting, data collecting, graphing...

    Thank you and thank you for your wonderful products!

  2. Oh you lucky lucky girl! The smartboard games they have are awesome! I have a few, and the kiddos love and really benefit! Great job on winning that grant for your students!

  3. I love my Smartboard!! I can't imagine not having one. You will love it too! You are so lucky to get all of that Lakeshore stuff. I love Lakeshore. They have amazing products.

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  4. How did you go about writing the grant for the smartboard centers? Is there a place where other people can write a grant to get the center activities too or other things needed for the classroom? I have never written a grant or know where to even start.