Monday, August 6, 2012


I.Loathe.painting. When I decided to start painting my cabinets, clearly I had forgotten how much I....

1- Hate painting
2- Am not good at painting
3- Hate painting

That magnetic primer is killing me! One coat, two coats, three coats...and not a magnetic letter will hold. Four coats, five heavy duty magnet barely sticks. Six coats, seven coats....a magnetic letter sticks...FINALLY. Thank goodness I didn't paint more than two cabinets. That tiny can cost my Father-in-Law $20 bucks and I used the e.n.t.i.r.e can.

I found myself painting after K screening because I can't really bring Coop in and have him breathing in all those fumes. Holy cow....barely any circulation in my room = a serious lack of focus and control.

Total class act. Wearing a dress, covered with magnetic paint, and a head in the clouds. Class act.

Now I am freaking out about painting over this magnetic primer. It is barely holding a magnetic letter. So, I have two choices-
- I can paint over it, as planned and pray that it will hold magnetic letters or just leave it as lesson learned.
- I can leave the two black, paint the others as planned and maybe add some kind of border to the black.

Ho-hum. Any thoughts?

On a different note...a little sweetie today had me laughing. When I got to the portion of the screening that assessed letter sounds, I pointed to a letter and asked "Do you know what sound this letter makes?" He replied with a loud "Caw-Caw! Caw-Caw! Caw-Caw!" Love it!


  1. at least he didn't moo!

    Good luck with your painting. I think I am glad I didn't try it.

  2. We used two cans of paint to cover a 4x6 bulletin board. My big heavy duty magnets never did work (they were too heavy). The little buttons worked better. I painted over it with white board paint, messy, but it works and I didn't notice the magnetic paint working any less. I really like the way my word wall turned out. I just gave up in it being very magnetic.

    Terri Izatt

  3. One year I asked an incoming kindergartner what sound a letter made and he put his ear to the paper and said, "I dunno...he isn't talking loud enough!"

    I say leave the magnetic paint...and count it as a lesson learned (glad you learned it for all of us :-).

  4. Too bad about the you can say you tried it!

    Hey, I noticed you added Project 64 to your schedule! Did you go through the training? I used Project 64 in my kindergarten class last year and mostly loved it! If you ever want to chat about it let me know! I'd love to hear how you organized it and made it work with your kiddos!

  5. I just bought some of the magnetic paint! I think I will be returning it tommorow!

  6. My magnetic paint only held the magnets you get from businesses. The very slim kind.

  7. I loathe painting too. I would probably just leave it as it is, but that would be me.

    One time when I was screening an incoming K student, I asked him what sound a certain letters made, he started making every animal sound that he knew. Apparently, the letters lived on Old MacDonald's Farm.

    Good luck!

  8. I am so sad about the magnetic paint. I was going to paint a door. I am kind of thinking right now that I just need to return it. =(

    I love when kiddos do things like that...too cute and funny! =)

    Heather's Heart

  9. You could paint over it with chalkboard paint (I love that stuff) and it comes in lots of colors. My kids loved to write on the chalkboard cabinets I had in my old room.


  10. I used the magnetic paint on a large bookcase, same results as you. After the last drop was dried it did hold magnets that had full magnets on the back rather than a rectangle strip. I also let them use chalk on it as it is black.