Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Frog Inspired Room

I think I've like frogs forever, not real frogs of course, real frogs are just interesting to me. Now cute cartoon like frogs are or I should say have been, a whole other story. When I finally got my first classroom, way back when you could ride a pterodactyl to school, I had a few frog things in my room here and there. Carson Dellosa took advantage of my affinity for small, green amphibians and suddenly it took on a life of its' own. I've got a frog calendar, frog word wall, frog behavior system and lovely frog themed gifts for all occasions. 

Over the years, I've gotten rid of some of it or just no longer display it. Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of it. I call my students Kinder-Hoppers from day one. I found that naming my group gives them a sense of pride and belonging. They associate themselves as Kinder-Hoppers in Room 17. They take ownership of our classroom because it belongs to them. If you've never tried to give your group a name, you should really try it out. Also, if your classroom number is under the number 31, celebrate that day...e.v.e.r.y. month. I don't mean have a party or anything, but I make a big deal out of 17 whenever it hits and they LOVE it! Where was I going with this? reason I can't get rid of it is because siblings count on being a Kinder-Hopper and a few years ago at the end of the year, I said to my little loves that they wouldn't be Kinder-Hoppers much longer, to which my little Lily said, "Once a Kinder-Hopper, always a Kinder-Hopper." I cried. Seriously. Then her Mom painted me that saying with a frog on it. I cried and cried and cried. There you have it, frogs are there to stay.

So, I showed some pictures of my "Classroom Revamp" which really has less to do with frogs, it's more of an adapted color scheme which I adore. I printed it all out and can't wait to hang it all up! This week keep your eye on my blog...I'm going cray, cray with the pics! Well, I've had some requests, so My Revamp stuff is up and for sale!

Here are some pics. I've divided it up in case their isn't something you want. Don't want you spending cash you don't need to :0)

That's all I've got for now. Coop is running the show over here...I can only work when he takes his little power naps :0) Hopefully, I will be able to get my Thanksgiving Unit up...we'll see!

Back to School Sale...


  1. Thanks! Love the polka dots!

  2. I give my class a name too! We've been the Pirates, the Islanders, and this year we are Mr. Greg's Little Monsters (my favorite!) The kids love being called little monsters. I like the idea of celebrating our number! Maybe a parent could provide a small snack on that day every month...hmmm you have my mind working now!

    Thanks for ALL of your amazing ideas and creations! I have been a HUGE fan of yours forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would be honored to have you check out my blog sometime!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  3. Great post!

    I'm in room 17 also! I love the idea of celebrating the number every month!

    I've never thought about naming my class. My new blog is
    I think I will call them Kinderpillars this year! Love it!

    Thanks for always inspiring-- your blog!

  4. Hi Laura,mine is the tags before that polka dots.